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  • This luxurious handcrafted body oil is lovingly crafted with a nourishing herbal infusion of wildflowers- chamomile, yarrow, calendula, lavender, and chrysanthemum.  This herbal infusion will hydrate and soften your skin. A perfect step to add to your skin care routine. Adorn your body with Earth's gifts. Perfect for daily use, this oil will leave your skin feeling nourished and loved.


    I love to use this oil after a shower for optimal abosrption. Try loving affirmations to yourself as you give yourself an oil massage. 


    Base oil-Grapeseed and Apricot Oil 

    Wildflower Body Oil


    for custom oil blending, leave a note on energies your are incorporting your working with and I will blend essenstial oils that can offer you an extra boost<3

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