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  • A new hand crafted batch of whipped organic body butter. This batch carries the sweet and simple aroma the jasmine flower with hints of rose and orange flower. The butter is nourishing blend of mango, shea, and cocoa butter whipped with infused grape seed and sunflower oil to offer a soft and absorbent oil blend to leave your skin hydrated and happy. This new batch was charged under the first full moon of the year, under the astrological sign of Leo. Leo offers us integrity, strength, and the will to bring our desires to fruition. Leo also reminds us to nourish our hearts so that we may shower ourselves with all the love we pour into others.

    It is truly an honor to offer the sacred experience to you.

    🌿Jasmine - Promotes production of collagen and elastin

    🌿Rose - High in Vitamin A and C

    🌿Calendula - Anti-Fungal, Anti-inflammatory

    🌿Chamomile - Reduce redness and Brighten skin

    🌿Chrysanthemum - Anti-inflammatory

    🌿Green Tea - Rejuvenate and Repair, anti-oxidant

    🌿Helichrysum - Cleanse and Balance

    🌿Yarrow - Astringent, Skin brightening and tightening

    ✨ Vegan & Nut Free ✨

    Whipped Jasmine & Rose Body Butter


    This body butter can last up to 6 months. Keep away from water as water can destablize the shelf life. If youd like to have it keep longer, you can always store in the fridge although this will harden the consistency of the butter.

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