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  • Gently exfoliate your body while brightening your skin with our new Turmeric Glow Body Polish. Not your normal take on a sugar scrub, this polish is packed with nutrient rich herbs and oils to help even out the skin tone, soften dark spots, stimulate skin collagen production. A must have for anyone looking to tighten and brighten their skin!

    Ingredients: Cane Sugar, coffee, coffee infused grape seed oil, pumpkin powder, turmeric, cinnamon and orange peel infused grape seed oil, ginger, vanilla, honey, holiday blend essential oil


    Turmeric Glow Body Polish


    Shelf life of 6 months

    Do not mix with water

    Directions: use a generous portion and gently exfoliate the body. Scrub towards the heart to help stimulate lymph flow. Gently rinse. Pat dry. Contains turmeric be mindful for yellow tint while drying.

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