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Integrative Therapies
Through All Phases.

Rise with us.


Rising Moon Health & Wellness

Kawtar Elbekhty Integrative Health Practioner, health and wellness coach, herbalist, mental health, Ayurvedic wellnes coach, functional medicine practioner, Functional nutrition, energy work, body work

Rising Moon Health offers an integrated approach to Functional Medicine coaching through the holistic lens of Ayurveda. We aim to discover the root cause and help unearth patterns as we support our clients on their journey. We see our client as a whole- a physical, spiritual, and emotional being worthy of full attention.

The heart and spirit behind Rising Moon Health & Wellness, is Kawtar Elbekhty(She/Her). Always a student first, Kawtar proceeds to deepen her knowledge through self study and continuing education. A creator, educator, and alchemist, Kawtar offers many trades to supplement clients through their unique healing path.

Kawtar is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. As a Health Coach, Kawtar will help you reach your optimal health and potential by focusing on daily life-style upgrades. She will be by your side to help you reach attainable goals, set together, via the use of lab testing and protocols under the guidance of Functional Medicine MDs, DOs, and Practitioners. She will weave her knowledge and intuition into each session to provide authentic connection and care as each client rises to their most vibrant self. 

A graduate of Integrative Health at Front Range College, Kawtar studied herbalism, Ayurveda, mindfulness, psychology, interpersonal communications, body and energy work, and a plethora of other modalities to help clients unlock blockages with in. Kawtar is a well rounded practitioner who aims to help bridge the gap between Allopathic and Holistic care. You can trust her to stay within her scope of practice and help guide you on your journey. Healing is not linear and there is no cookie cutter option or magic pill to take. Working with Kawtar you will be able to unlock your own glow from the inside out, illuminating your own path.

As a yogi, Yoga has helped her access a space within that is inherently peaceful and blissful. She shares the studies of Yoga as a systematic methodology to create union with the self and to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and energy body. Her main focus is on Trauma Informed and Accessibility for Yoga to anyone who wishes to find bliss and safety in their body.

Rising Moon is a safe and sacred space for all walks of life to discover the inherent and eternal wholeness and peace that reside within.  Our philosophy is Inner Healing Through all the Phases. Like the Moon, we are constantly shifting through life and energy. We embrace each Phase with grace and reverence as we journey on out path. Like the Moon we rise, again and again, illuminating our strength and vitality.


Let us Rise, together.

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